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Barnie’s was a gallery that was formed for the purpose of hosting 'Dedicated to Forgotten Oceans', a solo exhibition by David Horvitz. The exhibition ran from September 2017 until December 2019 in the window of Davish News, Elephant and Castle, London.

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Dedicated to Forgotten Oceans
The exhibition is the culmination of a year and a half of irregular hand- and type-written postal correspondence between the two of us. David being in Los Angeles and Barnie in London. We used this archaic mode of communication as a tool to counter the high speed communication to which we’ve become accustomed during every second of our waking (and sometimes sleeping) lives. It was a way to avoid digital communication’s demanding nature, its tendency to create stress, exhaustion, and distraction. We used it as an attempt to work without deadlines, to let words and ideas come without rush, to slow down time.

The exhibited postcards come from an archive of photographs inside David’s studio. Since the early 2000’s he has been making daily digital snap shot photographs. Overwhelmed, anxious, and not knowing what to do with this continuously growing digital archive of thousands and thousands of images sitting in folders on hard-drives, he has begun to slowly erase them. But before permanently deleting the file he makes one small print. So this print is the last remaining trace of the digital file.

For this exhibition David selected photographs depicting the ocean from this archive, and mailed them to Barnie as postcards. Some David remembers their locations, but many he has forgotten where they were taken. Maybe they are from his road trip up the California coast making his Public Access project in 2010, or maybe they depict a location somewhere near an exhibition or residency he was invited to. Or a trip with a friend to Tijuana to look at the Mexican-American border. Even though the locations might be forgotten, each image attests to his presence and being someplace in the world.

The photographs will be exhibited on rotation in the community notice board/low budget advertising space found in the window of a newsagent in Elephant and Castle, London.

– David Horvitz and Barnie Page